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  1. Quick and simple Github Gist oEmbed support

    WordPress doesn’t come with Github Gist oEmbed support out of the box, which is a shame because sometimes there is nothing quicker than creating a Gist to put in a new tech post by just pasting in the URL.

  2. Install and manage WordPress with Composer

    Well over two years have passed since my previous blog post on managing WordPress with git was written. A lot has changed since then. Composer has taken the PHP world by storm and the majority of developers are seeing the benefits and embracing it. Using Composer, you can list a set of requirements for your project,

  3. Introduction to Ansible

    I’ve been using Ansible now for just under six months. I love it. I used to use Puppet religlously, but with a change of job, I needed something simple to setup, to work with a range of different servers, and be easy for others to learn. Puppet is very powerful, and I was very happy

  4. Poor persons VPN with sshuttle

    It was far too hot in the office the other week and I needed some place a little cooler to work so I could keep focused. I sought refuge at the Google Campus in London which has glorious a/c and a–surprise surprise–super fast internet connection. However, being in a basement full of geeks, using Google’s

  5. Switch to a retro shell, Fish shell

    I’ve been using fish shell for the last year, and would never go back to using bash or zsh again. Ever. All I want is for my shell to be speedy, and helpful. As standard. Without the need to install a mountain of plugins, or have a 200 line configuration file. Fish is perfect for

  6. Identity theft and no one seeming to care but me

    This post is a little out of the ordinary for my blog – well, OK, quite a bit. But I thought it was worth posting in the hope that other people who have had this happen to them can get in touch. If you’re expecting another tech related post, don’t bother to continue reading! I

  7. Setting up a Puppet Master and Agents on EC2

    Now you’ve mastered how to use the EC2 command line tools (Ninja, right?), you’ll want to manage all of those newly created instances in the easiest way possible. Puppet is the answer. If you’re not familiar with Puppet, back in March I wrote an introduction to it which would be good to read before continuing.

  8. Install EC2 command line tools with OS X

    I’ve been using EC2 a lot recently, probably creating and destroying around 20 instances trying out a project, today alone. I needed to be able to do this a lot faster than the web console lets me, so I downloaded the EC2 command line tools to give me that bit extra. Installing It’s very easy

  9. Getting started with Amazon EC2

    A few friends have asked me to talk through how to setup an Amazon EC2 server. At first glance, it’s very intimidating, confusing, and not quite clear where to start. But once you know about all the pieces that bring together the AWS services, it’s not difficult at all to get a server up and