david winter

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  1. Quick and simple Github Gist oEmbed support

    Get those code snippets embedded easily

  2. Install and manage WordPress with Composer

    Automated and repeatable WordPress deploys with Composer

  3. Introduction to Ansible

    The new, cool provisioning kid on the block

  4. Poor mans VPN with sshuttle

    Get around those evil firewalls and secure your net connection

  5. Switch to a retro shell, Fish shell

    Leave behind the millions of plugins, and slowness, and just use Fish

  6. Identity theft and no one seeming to care but me

    Maybe don't waste your time reporting it in future...

  7. Setting up a Puppet Master and Agents on EC2

    One server to rule them all

  8. Install EC2 command line tools with OS X

    Be a ninja with EC2 using the CLI

  9. Getting started with Amazon EC2

    It's not as difficult as it may first seem

  10. Install and manage WordPress with Git

    Keeping the core separate, but easy to update

  11. Introduction to Puppet

    Puppet can change your life

  12. Testing Javascript websites with Behat

    Using the Behat WebDriver driver to easily test websites with Javascript

  13. Using Behat with Mink

    Writing custom definitions

  14. Setup rbenv on Mac OS X

    Some quick setup instructions on getting rbenv installed on Lion

  15. Getting started with Behat

    A quick introduction on setting up Behat and writing your first test

  16. Setting up Github Pages

    Getting started with a Jekyll powered site and migrating from WordPress

  17. Simple local web development with Apache and Dnsmasq

  18. Setup UFW on Ubuntu 11.04

  19. Install APF on Ubuntu 11.04

  20. PHP development on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

  21. Merging MKV files together

  22. Mod rewrite rules in htaccess files

  23. Authentication with CodeIgniter 2.0

  24. A simple chat room with WebSockets

  25. Using Capistrano to deploy Mercurial changes

  26. SSH and public key authentication

  27. Setting up SSH host shortnames

  28. Using o2 PAYG mobile broadband

  29. Redirecting Apache traffic to a maintenance page

  30. Install Mercurial on CentOS 4

  31. Apache, PHP and MongoDB on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

  32. Remove startup scripts on Ubuntu

  33. Convert git repository to mercurial

  34. Enable PHP error logging

  35. PHP and nginx on Ubuntu: the easy way

  36. Authentication with CodeIgniter

  37. Install pecl_http for PHP

  38. A simple PHP delicious REST example with pecl_http

  39. Install PHP5, lighttpd and Imagick on Mac OS X Leopard

  40. lighttpd and PHP on CentOS 5

  41. Merge video files with mencoder

  42. Mac OS X/HFS+ case-insensitive? Why?

  43. Using shortcut keys in Windows

  44. Killing a program using a batch file in Windows

  45. vim: find, comment, save and quit

  46. Me TV - EyeTV for Ubuntu?

  47. DVB and Mplayer

  48. Watching Freeview (DVB-T) TV with VLC Player on Ubuntu

  49. Line breaks in OpenOffice.org

  50. mod_rewrite and Mac OS X Personal Web Sharing

  51. Graphviz--for drawing directed graphs

  52. Switch to Static IP on Ubuntu Server

  53. Unix Disk Usage

  54. Mac "Hot Corners" for Ubuntu

  55. Festive Mac Screen Saver

  56. Change your Terminal prompt - Lost style

  57. Getting Ubuntu Dapper to dance with ATI X800 GTO

  58. Subversion 1.4.0 from source via Apache 2.2 on Ubuntu Dapper

  59. Building Apache 2.2 from source for Ubuntu Dapper

  60. Ubuntu Dapper Web Server How-to

  61. Set-up Typo 4 on Ubuntu Dapper

  62. Cocoa-Java and Jar Frameworks

  63. Using Tomcat Ant tasks

  64. Access Control for Subversion with Apache2 and Authz

  65. Tomcat on Mac OS X Tiger

  66. Mac friendly Java apps in a few lines

  67. Subversion over Apache 2 on Ubuntu

  68. Using IRC and other IM apps at University

  69. Ubuntu 5.10 web server howto

  70. Sorting a Vector using Collections.sort()

  71. Setting up XDMCP for Mac

  72. Java foreach loop